Thursday, July 31, 2008

Car car car!

Yeah, I just wanted to mention that we got a brand new car! Mom and Dad went out on Rachel's birthday, the 29th, and bought a 2005 Chevy Aveo! It's light blue and it's 4 DOOR! Also stick Shift. :) Yeah, we've always had a 2 door. I'm sooo happy! Anyways... Mom and Dad gave Rachel our old car and they're keeping this blue (AWESOME) one. When Sarah's 18 she'll get the blue one and we'll go out and buy another one that I'll get when I'm 18. I love this new car!

Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince comes out in Theatres November 21st!!! Yippy!!! I hope Rachel, Sarah and I can go out and watch it together like we did for the Order of the Pheonix. :) Too bad Rachel will be in college then. It would be an awesome day.

Okay, here's something random. The other night I had a dream that Mom had tripletts. 2 boys and a girl. and the first thing I thought in my dream was "Yes! We beat the Stuckwisches!". LOL XD yeah.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Family Vacation In NY!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I haven't posted in a while, so I'll tell you what's happened in the, in the past Month.

We went on our annual Family Vacation. :) Last year was so hectic because of my aunt's wedding I was so glad that this year we had NO WEDDINGS! I mean, My Aunts wedding was awesome! and I would totally want to go and have it all over again! Just....I mean without the planning. :)

Hmmmm, We arrived at my Dad's parent's house on the 9th (I think) and we didn't do anything (It was awesome!) except hugs and kisses and all that, Oh!!! I can't believe I almost forgot! We also celebrated Seth's 5th birthday on the 9th. =D

On the 10th we didn't have anything planned really, so, I biked with Joe and Matt all day long. And that evening one of my Aunts arrived! (The one with the wedding last year) The older people talked and talked and TALKED! so, I sat down and listened in till probably....well, it was really late when they stopped talking. =D

The 11th....Hm...I think My Aunt came again w/ her husband, Uncle Mike, Ally And Ella my cousins. Not Auntie Faith and Uncle Mikes kids. Two of my OTHER Aunt and Uncles kids :D They stayed over night at Grandma and Grandpa's. Leah and Ally stayed up till 12. :)

Saturday, July 12th

We went to the cabin and the pond! And we went over to see the birds. Olivia(My cousin and God-Daughter) was so cute. All she wanted to do was look at the baby ducks. So, we did.
Dad also got me a guitar that day. I'm pretty happy about that. Also, I found out something else, but I don't know if am allowed to tell! Ugh! Oh well. I'll find out later.

Sunday The 13th

we went to church, and Matt made up his very own song on the guitar about Vacation, Playing only one cord the whole time :D


I have no idea! I think my Auntie Di and Uncle Mack came over with their kids Ally, Ella and Olivia. and Auntie Faith, Uncle Mike and Ally stayed over night.


Grandma Kaye, Auntie Faith, Leah, Ally, Rachel, Sarah, Mom and I all went to Steve&Berry's to buy Clothes. It was really fun!!!! EVERYTHING was $9 even jeans!

The 16th

Mom, Dad, Auntie Faith and Uncle Mike went on a double date for Mom and Dad's wedding anniversary. Then Auntie Faith stayed over that night after staying up till midnight talking w/ Mom, Dad, Rachel, Sarah and me. Nothing else really happened that day. :D

Thursday, July 17

We finally had fudge-icles!!! We have them every year. I LOVE them. But Jimmy and Olivie got pretty messy when their Fudge-icles melted.

July 18th

we left Grandma and Grandpa Drosendahl's house at 1pm. And arived at My mom's parent's house at dinner time.

Saturday the 19th

My mom's whole family came and we all went to the park for a picnic. It was awesome! we played Baddminton and there was this kid who looked like my brother Matt so we told him he was "Matt kid" and we called him that the whole rest of the day till he threw water baloons at us. :D :D :D
That evening Mom and Grandma Sue went to a bachlorette party, but Mom said it was actually just a wedding shower really. While Dad, Uncle Pete, Uncle Dave and Grandpa went to a bachlore party. I don't even know how that went I didn't hear about it even when they all came home...

The 20th

we went to church and then my mom's sister and her husband, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Pete, with their kids, Mikeala and Ben, left. Uncle Dave left that afternoon.


we ate Fudge-icles again and Rachel let Sarah and I watch Dr. Horrible while playinf cards.
And that whole day mostly all I did was play cards.

July 22nd

I hadn't known, but I found out that afternoon that we were leaving! So I packed. And that evening at 7:30 we hugged and kissed and all that and we left for HOME!!!

We arived home at 7:30AM on the 23rd. I fell on the couch and slept till noon. It was awesome.
and yesterday...Nothing happened, it was normal and boring. :)

And today Mom is gone so I got to write what felt like a really really long blog post. and now it's done. *Sigh* :)