Wednesday, October 29, 2008

(Takes Rachel's Title) Two Things:

Okay, funny what the post before this is xD
a few Tuesdays back we had our family meeting. usually we have em every 2 years, but we had to wait 3 this time. When we say family meeting we mean another baby! =D So, yeah. Leah REALLY wants a little sister. JUST the way I felt when I was 7. That's when Leah was born. :) I don't care if the baby's a boy or a girl, because there's still a baby!!!!! if it's a boy we have 6 boys and 4 girls. if it's a girl then we have 5 and 5! =D if you want a picture click This. :)
Confession: Leah and I cried like little girl at the 'family meeting' :P
So, yeah, Mom's having another baby! #10!

Oh also, on Nov 19th I'm flying to TX!!!!!!!! :)
Mom bought the ticket this morning...or something like that!
Archuletta weirdly called it my 'Bekah Adventure'. so, yeah.

January 2008


La dee da.......A wire was put into our Tivo today. Fun Fun. I ate chocolate and Joe found out my Gmail password. I know, My life is boring. And anyone who reads my blog(Probably only my sister.) knows it.

So there's this website called And I signed up for it. It's pretty fun if you know what you're doing. But it could get annoying if you get obsessed and only ever want to talk about that. ;) (I'm not the one obsessed :D)

Rachel really should post on her LJ/Blog thingie! She's way more interesting than me. :-P And I like to read it :-D

Well that's it for boring old me.

Ah yes. Kingdom-of-loathing. Man, I haven't been on that in ages. Ah well, it wasn't that interesting :P

Run Skuh Pade is much more fun:


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

3 Years

You know what just hit me?????
James is 3!!!! and there is NO LITTLE SIBLING AFTER HIM! This is a first in our family. Leah and Seth used to be farthest apart in age. And then Seth and James were farthest, but now James is 3 and there are NO babies after him! I hope Rachel gets married or my Aunt has a baby soon, because not having a baby in our family for 3 years is making me a little worried that there wont be any more :'(

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cousin It Adams????? D:

His name wasn't Cousin! It was Pastor Gary Brooks!!! D:
Well, I'm glad of that, because I didn't know why someone would name their son Cousin! at 2pm Mom was telling me about a guy from an old TV show(The Adams Family) named Cousin It Adams!!! She wasn't even TALKING about the Chaplain! So, at 4pm I ask her "what is the guys name again?" because I was sure it wasn't Cousin, but mom just says. "Cousin It." Me: "Really?" and mom said yes!
So there I was thinking the Chaplain's name was Cousin It. But I finally asked Sarah what his name was and she told me, so I went to mom and asked, "Mom do you even really know the name of the chaplain?"
Then I told her how I thought she said it was Cousin It, and she burst out laughing! D: Arghdnhgafs!
So, that is the story of how the chaplain's name was NOT Cousin!


Arghgfisdg. We didn't go to the Johnson's house after all. :(

We didn't go see them because a chaplain is coming over. I have no idea who he is. All I know is he's coming over for dinner, his name is Cousin and we have to do my favorite thing ever. Cleaning D:.

BUT we get to have spaghetti and meatballs for dinner!!! :D So, that's a plus. :) wait....I think we're having chicken.... well, I'll find out when the time comes.

The 2 confirmands from Our Redeemer had questioning today. They did very well! :)

Okay, I need to help clean, or people may be mad...>_>

January 2008

Happy New Year

Happy new year peoples! I didn't do anything for New Years except my bro Joe did put snack food out and we had a small party thing with mozzarella sticks too!.......... I didn't make a new years resolution because I couldn't do it anyway. But I did get books 1 3 5 and 6 of the Harry Potter series so I'm happy about that. Well I'm a very boring person so I'm done writing for now.

Speaking of mozzarella sticks, In the van coming home from church Matt was thinking about his birthday(which in the 4th of November) and he decided that he didn't want cheese sticks. So he told us that! but he didn't know what cheese sticks were called so he just randomly said "I don't want cheese strippers."

Joe and I burst out laughing. We finally stopped when mom got really annoyed(that was after around 10 minutes)...But then it was brought up again at home...

Saturday, October 4, 2008


earlier in the week there was a tornado warning, so everyone who was home (Mom, Sarah, Me, Joe, Matt, Sam, Leah, Seth and James) went in the hall way with tons of blankets and pillows. Mom was planning on reading to us while we waited it out, but the boys (not to mention me) started going crazy, laughing and poking each other. Which ended up being punching. Then I decided to start singing random songs. People joined in, which wasn't much of a shock. Then we started making up songs. Mom didn't really like that. So, she chose the song! it was fun, but we never ended up reading. Matt was the one who was really worried about the storm, but there wasn't even a tornado that we could see. :)

Okay, on Thursday Sarah got a new laptop! :O It's really pretty! and now she doesn't have a computer time, and she doesn't take mine! =D because she can write papers in her own room!

Tomorrow we are going to the Johnson's house again! Yippy! We haven't been there in a while.

Anyway, nothing else has been interesting enough to put in here today, and I think it has been around 2 weeks since I last posted :(

December 26, 2007

Merry 2nd day of Christmas!

Yesterday was wonderful! I thought Mom wouldn't know what to get me this year because I didn't make a list, but I got exactly what I wanted!!! I got 'Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone', 'Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban', and 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'(books!) and Today I got 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'!!!!!!(DVD)I Am SOOOOOOO happy about it!!!

Anyway...I need to get off and do something productive.