Sunday, March 29, 2009


Great movies: Juno, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, Dan in Real Life, and possibly Superbad.

The first three are better than the last. they have less swearing, but I like all of these movies! (Don't tell about Superbad x-) )

Juno is about a girl who gets pregnant at 16 and gives the baby up for adoption. It's sad, but it's a really good movie.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist is about...A guy (Nick) who breaks up with his girlfriend (Tish) but he is still obsessed with her even though she is really nasty. He then meets Norah who is Tish's friend and then they fall in love. Yeah. ACTUALLY the basic plot is "People try to find where this certain band is playing". It was awesome.

Dan in Real Life was about a Widower with three daughters(Dan). Dan end up falling for his brother's girlfriend without knowing she was his brother's girlfriend!

And Superbad was about two guys who are trying to buy 2 different kinds of alcohol to impress the girls they really like, and then there is their friend who gets himself a fake ID.

I don't really know why I like the last one! Probably because of McLoven. Anyway, it was really just... a pointless movie, but I thought it was funny anyway.

I just realized... 3 of these movies have Michael Cera in them. Oh well! He's aweosme!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dude Matt

Once upon a time Joe was 4 years old and I was 6. Our family lived in Waterloo, IA, and we knew this kid named Matt Mischler who went to oue church. When we lived in Iowa Joe and I did not know what Dude or Dudette meant at all, so every Sunday when we saw matt we would poke him in the belly and say "Dude". After we were doing that for a while 'Dude Matt' said that if we poked him in the belly with TWO fingers we should say "Dudette". So every Sunday we poked 'Dude Matt' in the belly and said either 'Dude' or 'Dudette'.

That is the story of 'Dude Matt!'

Also, Bananna should post on her blog about Alec Baldwin. Yes. :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day

My nine year old brother tells me I should post something. When I asked him what I should write about he said, "Write about how bored you are!" so, I'm bored! There you have it. :P

Yesterday was St. Patrick's day, which is cool. Everyone wore green to avoid siblings poking and pinching them, or so that no one would have to ask, "Are you wearing green today?" I got my fair share of that since no one noticed my green ponytail. :)

To tell the truth most of what I have been doing everyday is watching every episode of my newest favorite show.

Sarah and Rachel have been annoyed with me talking about it all the time. Joe on the other hand doesn't get annoyed by it.... or at least it doesn't seem like he is. If I leave an episode paused on the computer, Joe watches it.

There are 3 library books on my bookshelf that I really should read. I read the beginnings of all of them, and they sound really interesting! But then there's the distraction of Bones.

We also found out that a girl from our church is going with us to SOLA MI. Yup.

That is all that I can think to write about the past month.