Monday, January 26, 2009

Chuck Storm

Well, we were watching some idiotic documentary on the book of Revelations and it was getting everything horribly wrong, obviously. BUT there WAS something we saw while watching that documentary that was hilarious!!!!

Maybe I shouldn't laugh crazily every time I see this, but EVEN Mother laughed!!! >_>

Poor Chuck. ::Shakes head::

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The New President

Happy 80th post!

Yeah. Well Barack Obama is president now! I'm figuring that if he actually made it to being president he was supposed to be.... it was all in the plan. No idea what the plan is, but oh well! xD

In other news.... We finally got snow!!! Only 2 inches... maybe less, but still! it's snow!

joe and I got snow in our ears... yes I know, random.

Anyway... We made a snowman. It was beaUUUtiful! xD Ok or awful. I put some weeds on its head for hair, and I think a tie hanger for a nose :P sticks for arms..yes yes. We should take a picture, I know. Also, no one played in the snow behind the house, because Sarah wants to see it in the moonlight-- Or something. So I told everyone not to go near the back of the house.

Snow is awesome.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

If you know what is good for you you wont read this post. -_-

Apparently I am posting more about fanfiction... ::hangs head::

OK! A bit of faniction from Archuleta:
"Winky hid in the Weasely's cupboard, smelling Ron's dirty socks. 'Someday,' she sighed. 'Someday he will love Winky."

And I was supposed to you that and build off of it so, here ya go:

All of a sudden the cupboard door opened and it was---
"Hi Winkey"
Oh Neville, sir," cried Winkey. "You must help Winkey win Ronald's love!"
"Alright Winkey, what can I do for you?"
"Give this to him, sir!" said Winkey handing Neville
a LUUUUUUV potion!
"How will I do that without Ron thinking it is from ME???" Neville asked.
"Maybe that's what he SHOULD think Neville, sir!"
and off Neville runs
Or never. :P
Time setting: just after the Quidditch World Cup.

Sorry sorry sorry sorry!!! I couldn't not. And if you didn't notice, Neville is the best ever.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I just can't NOT put this up here. Please do not read this if you are a parent!!

Also please just skip over chapter 3 @_@
It is the worst the world.

is a fanfiction I wrote about Ron and Hermione 2 years ago. It is the worst EVER!!! did I mention that yet? Yes. yes I did.


apparently I got the link wrong or something. Whatever. here is the "real" one:

ALSO go look at the previous post!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I am sorry, but I was told by "someone" I should take that picture of Zoidberolai down. I know. Sad. BUUUUT Here is another picture you will all love. Please note Joel Bending over vomiting!

Thanks to Archul. Again :D

Friday, January 9, 2009


I keep forgetting to post! :O Oh well.
All that has happened is... On the last day of Christmas Mom and dad gave me a laptop!!!!! :DDD
Now, the reason for me getting a laptop before I am 16 is because a church member gave it to us, because he didn't need it anymore. Shockingly Mom and dad gave it to me, EVEN THOUGH I have been being on the main computer for around 4 hours a day O_O

WELL I am very happy about it ^_^

Um... Well... Nothing else has happened. :-/

Merry Epiphany!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Years

I figured I should make a New Years post.

Happy New Year! :P

I don't think any resolutions were made.. :P We wouldn't keep them even if there WERE any x-)

Alright, The baby is a boy! :D

6 boys and 4 girls. ^_^
Something that I think was funny is that Mom got James a baby doll for the 9th day of christmas xD

Leah also got one, but it's head fell off.... I guess she is just REALLY good with babies ^_^