Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh The Sweetness!

So, yesterday.... on Valentines day of course, my boyfriend told me he would send me a valentine. Now, how sweet is that? It is just so extremely sweet! The sweetest of sweetness! Can you even believe how sweet? Just completely sweet!! Extreme sweetness!!!!!!

Now I will remember this past Valentines day forever!!!!!!

.... Either that or I'll forget about it and never remember again.

Probably the latter.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day!

Yep, Happy Valentines Day! We never really do anything for Valentines day... except wish each other happy Valentines day x-) and now I will stop saying Valentines day.

Yesterday we all celebrated Mom's birthday! :D Rachel came home from school and we went to Golden Corral. It was awesome, but Mom kept telling us to stop yelling. We were talking too loud that it couldn't really be called talking anymore. :P

Today I think we might go shopping for mom's REAL birthday which is the 16th. Funny thing was that yesterday dad was telling someone how old Mom was going to be and he almost said 35. x-D Which made Sarah yell, "You mean 29!" So..yeah..

Anyway, nothing else cool to talk about except.. Joe bought the Sims 2 the other day! :D Yay!

Yep! Happy Valentines Day, people!