Saturday, October 3, 2009

Early Mornings

I haven't posted on here in a while, so i think it's probably a good time to kind of catch up again. some cool stuff has happened I guess. First we went to NY for our family vacation which we go on every summer, but this year my cousin Benjamin was having a graduation party there! So, that was great. and after that we went to the Higher Things conference Sola, WHICH in my opinion was the best so far. Actually, that's all the really interesting stuff. :-P

Last night Rachel and I stayed up really late drawing random things on the computers for kicks. They turned out awesomely if I may say so myself. Here's one of them:

We all went to a church picnic at a parishioner's house today, and that was really fun. We played basket ball and had our sibling jump through hoops. Also cake.
AAAAAAAnd that's pretty much all that's been going on here!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


OKAY I am being pestered to post, so here ya go: What's happened since May? Hmm.. I'll try to make this quick because I don't really care or remember to blog anymore :-/ :-P

Sarah's birthday passed(5/16/92), and she is now 17, Leah had a birthday(6/27/01) and is now 8, Rachel came home and I finally finished all of my Drivers Ed cr--stuff! Thankfully Mom told me that we will probably wait until AFTER Vacation to get my drivers permit. :D

NOW on to more interesting and important things! :D On June 5th at 3:36pm my newest baby Brother Andrew Peter who weighed 7 pounds 13 onces and who was 21 inches long was born! The day after he came home Grandma Kaye flew down to see him. :) She stayed 8 days and left this morning. Thankfully we get to see her, and the whole of our extended family, next week since we're leaving for a two-week vacation in NY then!!! :D

We found out this morning after Grandma left that the Cousins(Schultz Family) will be coming over in two days. :O :D They're going to be in SC anyway, so they emailed Mom and Dad asking if they could stop by for fun.

So.... that was a really quick recap of what's happened since last I posted.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Drivers Ed and Other Things.

Today around lunch time I was in the office and heard this from the dining room:

Seth: "Sam you're a bad word!"
Sam: "No, Seth, YOU'RE a bad word!!"
Heehee I just think it's funny. x-)
Okay--- I promised a friend a couple WEEKS ago that I would post on my blog. :-/ I am SUPER late, sorry!!!

Okay--Drivers Ed. Well a week or two before my birthday, Mom signed me up for Drivers Ed! I had been a bit excited about it, and had been looking forward to going, because if you pass drivers ed you get your driving permit! And when you get your permit you get to drive! You might see why I was excited to learn. :)
Mom and I had to leave at 730 every morning to get to the highschool on time for my class. It wasn't as difficult as I expected. I was expecting to miss my first day and fail the whole thing seeing as how I sleep in SUPER late almost every morning even when my brothers wake me up. :-/
Anyway, the first day was April 14th. I had gone to bed late that night and was feeling really emotional that morning from lack of sleep and because I was starting something new, so when mom stopped when we arrived at the highschool I felt like crying. Fortunately I didn't. The only time I was really nervous was when I first walked in the door. But most of my nervousness ended when I saw that no one else really knew what to do either. :)
As we all sat down, the girl sitting next to me asked me why I was so quiet. One of the reasons was because I am just shy, but the other reason was because it was 7:55am. After a while I made friends with that girl, and she introduced me to her friends as well, and that helped me get over my nervousness about the whole Drivers Ed deal.
The rest of that week was BUSY and tiring. We spent class time constantly writing and trying to listen at the same time. And at break time we just sat around and talked. When I would go home I went straight to my room and studied my homework.
Sarah and Rachel had said Drivers Ed was SUPER easy, but for me it was not. It wasn't HARD, but it was definitely not easy.
The one thing that was a bit annoying was that the public schoolers thought homeschooling was weird and that homeschoolers never talk to anyone, and have horrible social skills. That is all a stereotype, but whatever. I had fun aside from having to study and do work. xD

NEXT month is going to be exciting! Our family is going up to NY for my cousin Ben Schultz's Graduation party!! :D We go up there every year anyway, but this year there is a party! You can see why it's more exciting this time. ;)

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Great movies: Juno, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, Dan in Real Life, and possibly Superbad.

The first three are better than the last. they have less swearing, but I like all of these movies! (Don't tell about Superbad x-) )

Juno is about a girl who gets pregnant at 16 and gives the baby up for adoption. It's sad, but it's a really good movie.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist is about...A guy (Nick) who breaks up with his girlfriend (Tish) but he is still obsessed with her even though she is really nasty. He then meets Norah who is Tish's friend and then they fall in love. Yeah. ACTUALLY the basic plot is "People try to find where this certain band is playing". It was awesome.

Dan in Real Life was about a Widower with three daughters(Dan). Dan end up falling for his brother's girlfriend without knowing she was his brother's girlfriend!

And Superbad was about two guys who are trying to buy 2 different kinds of alcohol to impress the girls they really like, and then there is their friend who gets himself a fake ID.

I don't really know why I like the last one! Probably because of McLoven. Anyway, it was really just... a pointless movie, but I thought it was funny anyway.

I just realized... 3 of these movies have Michael Cera in them. Oh well! He's aweosme!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dude Matt

Once upon a time Joe was 4 years old and I was 6. Our family lived in Waterloo, IA, and we knew this kid named Matt Mischler who went to oue church. When we lived in Iowa Joe and I did not know what Dude or Dudette meant at all, so every Sunday when we saw matt we would poke him in the belly and say "Dude". After we were doing that for a while 'Dude Matt' said that if we poked him in the belly with TWO fingers we should say "Dudette". So every Sunday we poked 'Dude Matt' in the belly and said either 'Dude' or 'Dudette'.

That is the story of 'Dude Matt!'

Also, Bananna should post on her blog about Alec Baldwin. Yes. :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day

My nine year old brother tells me I should post something. When I asked him what I should write about he said, "Write about how bored you are!" so, I'm bored! There you have it. :P

Yesterday was St. Patrick's day, which is cool. Everyone wore green to avoid siblings poking and pinching them, or so that no one would have to ask, "Are you wearing green today?" I got my fair share of that since no one noticed my green ponytail. :)

To tell the truth most of what I have been doing everyday is watching every episode of my newest favorite show.

Sarah and Rachel have been annoyed with me talking about it all the time. Joe on the other hand doesn't get annoyed by it.... or at least it doesn't seem like he is. If I leave an episode paused on the computer, Joe watches it.

There are 3 library books on my bookshelf that I really should read. I read the beginnings of all of them, and they sound really interesting! But then there's the distraction of Bones.

We also found out that a girl from our church is going with us to SOLA MI. Yup.

That is all that I can think to write about the past month.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh The Sweetness!

So, yesterday.... on Valentines day of course, my boyfriend told me he would send me a valentine. Now, how sweet is that? It is just so extremely sweet! The sweetest of sweetness! Can you even believe how sweet? Just completely sweet!! Extreme sweetness!!!!!!

Now I will remember this past Valentines day forever!!!!!!

.... Either that or I'll forget about it and never remember again.

Probably the latter.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day!

Yep, Happy Valentines Day! We never really do anything for Valentines day... except wish each other happy Valentines day x-) and now I will stop saying Valentines day.

Yesterday we all celebrated Mom's birthday! :D Rachel came home from school and we went to Golden Corral. It was awesome, but Mom kept telling us to stop yelling. We were talking too loud that it couldn't really be called talking anymore. :P

Today I think we might go shopping for mom's REAL birthday which is the 16th. Funny thing was that yesterday dad was telling someone how old Mom was going to be and he almost said 35. x-D Which made Sarah yell, "You mean 29!" So..yeah..

Anyway, nothing else cool to talk about except.. Joe bought the Sims 2 the other day! :D Yay!

Yep! Happy Valentines Day, people!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Chuck Storm

Well, we were watching some idiotic documentary on the book of Revelations and it was getting everything horribly wrong, obviously. BUT there WAS something we saw while watching that documentary that was hilarious!!!!

Maybe I shouldn't laugh crazily every time I see this, but EVEN Mother laughed!!! >_>

Poor Chuck. ::Shakes head::

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The New President

Happy 80th post!

Yeah. Well Barack Obama is president now! I'm figuring that if he actually made it to being president he was supposed to be.... it was all in the plan. No idea what the plan is, but oh well! xD

In other news.... We finally got snow!!! Only 2 inches... maybe less, but still! it's snow!

joe and I got snow in our ears... yes I know, random.

Anyway... We made a snowman. It was beaUUUtiful! xD Ok or awful. I put some weeds on its head for hair, and I think a tie hanger for a nose :P sticks for arms..yes yes. We should take a picture, I know. Also, no one played in the snow behind the house, because Sarah wants to see it in the moonlight-- Or something. So I told everyone not to go near the back of the house.

Snow is awesome.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

If you know what is good for you you wont read this post. -_-

Apparently I am posting more about fanfiction... ::hangs head::

OK! A bit of faniction from Archuleta:
"Winky hid in the Weasely's cupboard, smelling Ron's dirty socks. 'Someday,' she sighed. 'Someday he will love Winky."

And I was supposed to you that and build off of it so, here ya go:

All of a sudden the cupboard door opened and it was---
"Hi Winkey"
Oh Neville, sir," cried Winkey. "You must help Winkey win Ronald's love!"
"Alright Winkey, what can I do for you?"
"Give this to him, sir!" said Winkey handing Neville
a LUUUUUUV potion!
"How will I do that without Ron thinking it is from ME???" Neville asked.
"Maybe that's what he SHOULD think Neville, sir!"
and off Neville runs
Or never. :P
Time setting: just after the Quidditch World Cup.

Sorry sorry sorry sorry!!! I couldn't not. And if you didn't notice, Neville is the best ever.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I just can't NOT put this up here. Please do not read this if you are a parent!!

Also please just skip over chapter 3 @_@
It is the worst the world.

is a fanfiction I wrote about Ron and Hermione 2 years ago. It is the worst EVER!!! did I mention that yet? Yes. yes I did.


apparently I got the link wrong or something. Whatever. here is the "real" one:

ALSO go look at the previous post!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I am sorry, but I was told by "someone" I should take that picture of Zoidberolai down. I know. Sad. BUUUUT Here is another picture you will all love. Please note Joel Bending over vomiting!

Thanks to Archul. Again :D

Friday, January 9, 2009


I keep forgetting to post! :O Oh well.
All that has happened is... On the last day of Christmas Mom and dad gave me a laptop!!!!! :DDD
Now, the reason for me getting a laptop before I am 16 is because a church member gave it to us, because he didn't need it anymore. Shockingly Mom and dad gave it to me, EVEN THOUGH I have been being on the main computer for around 4 hours a day O_O

WELL I am very happy about it ^_^

Um... Well... Nothing else has happened. :-/

Merry Epiphany!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Years

I figured I should make a New Years post.

Happy New Year! :P

I don't think any resolutions were made.. :P We wouldn't keep them even if there WERE any x-)

Alright, The baby is a boy! :D

6 boys and 4 girls. ^_^
Something that I think was funny is that Mom got James a baby doll for the 9th day of christmas xD

Leah also got one, but it's head fell off.... I guess she is just REALLY good with babies ^_^