Tuesday, June 16, 2009


OKAY I am being pestered to post, so here ya go: What's happened since May? Hmm.. I'll try to make this quick because I don't really care or remember to blog anymore :-/ :-P

Sarah's birthday passed(5/16/92), and she is now 17, Leah had a birthday(6/27/01) and is now 8, Rachel came home and I finally finished all of my Drivers Ed cr--stuff! Thankfully Mom told me that we will probably wait until AFTER Vacation to get my drivers permit. :D

NOW on to more interesting and important things! :D On June 5th at 3:36pm my newest baby Brother Andrew Peter who weighed 7 pounds 13 onces and who was 21 inches long was born! The day after he came home Grandma Kaye flew down to see him. :) She stayed 8 days and left this morning. Thankfully we get to see her, and the whole of our extended family, next week since we're leaving for a two-week vacation in NY then!!! :D

We found out this morning after Grandma left that the Cousins(Schultz Family) will be coming over in two days. :O :D They're going to be in SC anyway, so they emailed Mom and Dad asking if they could stop by for fun.

So.... that was a really quick recap of what's happened since last I posted.