Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The New President

Happy 80th post!

Yeah. Well Barack Obama is president now! I'm figuring that if he actually made it to being president he was supposed to be.... it was all in the plan. No idea what the plan is, but oh well! xD

In other news.... We finally got snow!!! Only 2 inches... maybe less, but still! it's snow!

joe and I got snow in our ears... yes I know, random.

Anyway... We made a snowman. It was beaUUUtiful! xD Ok or awful. I put some weeds on its head for hair, and I think a tie hanger for a nose :P sticks for arms..yes yes. We should take a picture, I know. Also, no one played in the snow behind the house, because Sarah wants to see it in the moonlight-- Or something. So I told everyone not to go near the back of the house.

Snow is awesome.


Rachel D said...

Best part of the inauguration: Watching Hillary Clinton's Face.


Also snow is great.

Rebekah said...

Hahahah! No kidding!! xDD

Luna Sedai said...

I thought the inauguration was boring. Mostly because they kicked off one of my favorite shows that I can't see at home. We were playing Scattegories, and there was a "things in the White House" Me and my cousin put down, Mr. President. And that got voted for OK! :D