Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Drivers Ed and Other Things.

Today around lunch time I was in the office and heard this from the dining room:

Seth: "Sam you're a bad word!"
Sam: "No, Seth, YOU'RE a bad word!!"
Heehee I just think it's funny. x-)
Okay--- I promised a friend a couple WEEKS ago that I would post on my blog. :-/ I am SUPER late, sorry!!!

Okay--Drivers Ed. Well a week or two before my birthday, Mom signed me up for Drivers Ed! I had been a bit excited about it, and had been looking forward to going, because if you pass drivers ed you get your driving permit! And when you get your permit you get to drive! You might see why I was excited to learn. :)
Mom and I had to leave at 730 every morning to get to the highschool on time for my class. It wasn't as difficult as I expected. I was expecting to miss my first day and fail the whole thing seeing as how I sleep in SUPER late almost every morning even when my brothers wake me up. :-/
Anyway, the first day was April 14th. I had gone to bed late that night and was feeling really emotional that morning from lack of sleep and because I was starting something new, so when mom stopped when we arrived at the highschool I felt like crying. Fortunately I didn't. The only time I was really nervous was when I first walked in the door. But most of my nervousness ended when I saw that no one else really knew what to do either. :)
As we all sat down, the girl sitting next to me asked me why I was so quiet. One of the reasons was because I am just shy, but the other reason was because it was 7:55am. After a while I made friends with that girl, and she introduced me to her friends as well, and that helped me get over my nervousness about the whole Drivers Ed deal.
The rest of that week was BUSY and tiring. We spent class time constantly writing and trying to listen at the same time. And at break time we just sat around and talked. When I would go home I went straight to my room and studied my homework.
Sarah and Rachel had said Drivers Ed was SUPER easy, but for me it was not. It wasn't HARD, but it was definitely not easy.
The one thing that was a bit annoying was that the public schoolers thought homeschooling was weird and that homeschoolers never talk to anyone, and have horrible social skills. That is all a stereotype, but whatever. I had fun aside from having to study and do work. xD

NEXT month is going to be exciting! Our family is going up to NY for my cousin Ben Schultz's Graduation party!! :D We go up there every year anyway, but this year there is a party! You can see why it's more exciting this time. ;)


M&MW said...

OMG ikr? i hate it when all the public schoolers think that we are unsocial!! if they only new!!

M&MW said...
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Uncle Ick said...

nothing new for you it isn't like you just got a new baby brother but of coarse that isn't worth mentioning.