Wednesday, October 29, 2008

(Takes Rachel's Title) Two Things:

Okay, funny what the post before this is xD
a few Tuesdays back we had our family meeting. usually we have em every 2 years, but we had to wait 3 this time. When we say family meeting we mean another baby! =D So, yeah. Leah REALLY wants a little sister. JUST the way I felt when I was 7. That's when Leah was born. :) I don't care if the baby's a boy or a girl, because there's still a baby!!!!! if it's a boy we have 6 boys and 4 girls. if it's a girl then we have 5 and 5! =D if you want a picture click This. :)
Confession: Leah and I cried like little girl at the 'family meeting' :P
So, yeah, Mom's having another baby! #10!

Oh also, on Nov 19th I'm flying to TX!!!!!!!! :)
Mom bought the ticket this morning...or something like that!
Archuletta weirdly called it my 'Bekah Adventure'. so, yeah.

January 2008


La dee da.......A wire was put into our Tivo today. Fun Fun. I ate chocolate and Joe found out my Gmail password. I know, My life is boring. And anyone who reads my blog(Probably only my sister.) knows it.

So there's this website called And I signed up for it. It's pretty fun if you know what you're doing. But it could get annoying if you get obsessed and only ever want to talk about that. ;) (I'm not the one obsessed :D)

Rachel really should post on her LJ/Blog thingie! She's way more interesting than me. :-P And I like to read it :-D

Well that's it for boring old me.

Ah yes. Kingdom-of-loathing. Man, I haven't been on that in ages. Ah well, it wasn't that interesting :P

Run Skuh Pade is much more fun:



Rachel D said...

It WILL be a Bekah adventure. :D

Rebekah said...

One of the Mathie moms(I think Mrs. Brynstad) said that after they went to the Heimfignerd's house they came back knowing how to leg wrestle?? something like that!
So, it will definitely be an adventure. :P

Nick Ig said...

you will have to write a book about it

Rebekah said...

A book?
as long as no one has to read it!!!

Rachel D said...



there's still potential money for you, you know

Rebekah said...

Um, WILLIAM adventure????? No.
He said if I did ANYTHING to him he'd take it as a come-on!!!!!!
Do I want that? NO.
Also, No book. :P