Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cousin It Adams????? D:

His name wasn't Cousin! It was Pastor Gary Brooks!!! D:
Well, I'm glad of that, because I didn't know why someone would name their son Cousin! at 2pm Mom was telling me about a guy from an old TV show(The Adams Family) named Cousin It Adams!!! She wasn't even TALKING about the Chaplain! So, at 4pm I ask her "what is the guys name again?" because I was sure it wasn't Cousin, but mom just says. "Cousin It." Me: "Really?" and mom said yes!
So there I was thinking the Chaplain's name was Cousin It. But I finally asked Sarah what his name was and she told me, so I went to mom and asked, "Mom do you even really know the name of the chaplain?"
Then I told her how I thought she said it was Cousin It, and she burst out laughing! D: Arghdnhgafs!
So, that is the story of how the chaplain's name was NOT Cousin!

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