Thursday, December 25, 2008


Yay! Christmas!!! =D
this is my seventy first post :D yay
Right before church we opened our stockings... The one thing I will say I got is... a foot grater!! xD xD xD
And then after we came home from church we opened most of our gifts from under the tree. I have one left that I'm saving because I know I am going to LOVE it!!!

It is also my friend Maggie's birthday. I hope she has an awesome day, with double the presents! =)

Also: Rachel, I love my shirt!!!


Luna Sedai said...

Thanks, Rebekah. Also, see you later on g-mail.

Rachel D said...

I'm so glad. :D Yay GoodWill!

Luna Sedai said...

also, what is a foot grater?

Rachel D said...

It's a cheese grater.

For feet.

It's just as delicious as it sounds!

Rebekah said...

Ahahaha Yes. Tasty tasty!! xD