Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Oookay. I will do whatever I'm supposed to do now since I was tagged..... -_- But know I do it reluctantly. :) hehe

Ok, 1) I tend to RE read all the books on my book shelf over and over. about 100 times.

2) Never finishing anything.... Like I start writing a book, but only get to the end of chapter 2.

3) seriously boss around my siblings to no end. I know Joe will agree ^_^

4) Being on the computer too much everyday.... yes... it's way too much fun. :)

5) I work too hard!! and care too much!!! lol, no, jk jk x-D I DON'T work hard, and I don't care very much ^_^ It's bad...

6) I like naps... naps... sleeeeeppp..... Also, I Loooooove... Sleeeeeeping. In. Way. Too. Late.... 11am... =D

7) This is #7! I get to be done really soon! =D. I start too many sentences with "Ok"

8) I am supposed to tag some people, but I don't want to... But I will! ...later 8-)

9) Ummmm School is boring? Does that count as one? Ok, I'm done now =D now I get to tag people!

Ok... Um.... Jacob S, Anna Heimbignerd since she hasn't posted in ages, and needs to.... the same goes for Jacob, Sarah my sister, Rachel my sister even though she's been tagged before... am I supposed to tag the people who tagged me even if they were already tagged? well, if I am then I also tag Nick and Maggie. Also, I tag my bro Joe. there. ta da. 7 people tagged.


Luna Sedai said...

That's awesome.

Sarah :D said...

Wait, do I have to write seven things or nine? because you wrote before that you had to write seven things, but you wrote nine in the post... Do I have to write 63 things? (that's 9x7) Not that I'll end up posting seven OR nine things... maybe after exams.

Rebekah said...

just 7
I went a little crazy.... ^_^

Luna Sedai said...

a little crazy?