Sunday, May 11, 2008

Shopping Trip

As you know the sisters in my family went shopping on Friday.
We spent most of our time at Second Fling (a consignment shop) buying clothes and at W*M also buying clothes.
It was awesomely fun!
We bought a weird fuzzy purple shirt for Leah. She hasn't worn it yet, but it's hilarious! :D
We were going to go up to the Wilson mall to go to Steve & Berry's, but we didn't have time. We left at 12noon and came home with pizza at 6:30pm. I guess we'll just have to go shopping together again! Well, I mean when I have money again. :P

My Aunt told my Mom that Steve & Berry's is a GREAT clothing store. She said everything is REALLY affordable. I want to go there just to see. :)

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