Saturday, June 28, 2008

Higher Things Conference Amen!!!

Okay, On Tuesday morning we left at 4am and we arrived home this morning at 2am.
I got more sleep than the last conference, For You.
At For You I went to sleep at 1 or 2am every day, but this year I fell asleep at 12 or 1am. I like sleeping 5 hours better than 4. :)

I actually hadn't ever met anyone at Amen except 3-wait-4-wait-5 people! The people I met were: Emily, Steffan, Cheryl, Josh (well, I didn't actually meet him at For You, but I saw him there and he ate with us once, and he had shorter hair and I think glasses.) and Alexa!
And I met Anna, Maggie, Nick, Joel, Nat, Eric, Matthew, Ben, Jordan, Sarah, Elenore and Andy.....Hmm I feel like I forgot someone. If I did just tell me. :)

Okay, There was no time any day where we weren't doing something! I loved that. there was no time where I didn't know what I was going to be doing next! Well, except for Free Time, sometimes I didn't know what I would be doing for that, but we always did something fun!
twice we played Emmauball! The Emmaus clan made up that game. At first we were all playing Volley ball, but it was too complicated (Not to mention I was terrible at it!) so it was changed to Emmauball. All you have to do in that game is try and get it over the net.(well, at least that's what I did.) And some people kicked it under :D that game was so much more fun.

On the third day there was Kareoke night! that was amesomness! But the sad thing was Rachel, Sarah and I didn't get to sing our song. :( Jenny (867-5309) by Tommy Tutone is what we were going to sing. Actually, Rachel wanted to sing Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-lot, but I was too chicken. Anyways, we didn't get to sing at all because there wasn't enough time for everyone who wanted to sing to sing. :(

Also, the entertainment was great! everyone in my group went to a water park. Rachel and I only went down water slides twice because the pools closed before we could go down again. After that we all went over to where my dad and other people were playing flag football. Little did we know that they were playing Shirts VS Skins!! D: x-( I was rooting (Silently) for the shirts team the whole time, even though my dad was on the skins team.

My sisters, some of the MHers (Which I am not one of :'( Yet!) and I were in choir. I love choir. Rachel actually took one of the hymn sheets back home with us! I'm not sure we were allowed, but Oh well! :D

I fell like I was much too quiet...But I can't really not be! especially with a big group like we had, but everyone there was so great, they're all such fun people. :)

The whole Conference was wonderfull. I can't wait to go again next year! I think we'll go to the one in MI. My dad keeps joking about going to the one in Sweden. :)
But whichever one we go to I know I'll be happy.


Ninja Master Nick-Ig said...

Nice little bit Info when were you planning on telling me about your blog?

Rebekah said...

I meant to I just forgot I guess. :P

Darth Maul said...

Lol, Nice I wish I could have been down those water slides whoopiee. And a singing night, Wow you guys must have had fun. Which means Nick, Bekah, and anyone else.

P:S Darth Maul is Maggie G.

Darth Maul said...

PP:S Darth Maul is Maggie Gehlbach.