Sunday, June 22, 2008

Higher Things Conference in Scranton PA! Happy Bday Sammy!

So, I haven't posted in a million days, but Oh well.
Rachel, Sarah, My dad and I are going to Scranton PA for this years Higher Things Conference at 4am! x-( I'm NOT a morning person. I just hope someone will really wake me up or I might sleer right through it. It's only around 8 hours away, and for my family that's a relatively short trip.
I have all my clothes packed, and now all I need to do is pack all my other random junk! :D

Okay, in the past 22 days since my last posting here's what has happened:
First, We had the Con-grad-firmation party (It was the Con-Graduation party, but Dad says we should call it the C-grad-firmation party. So people know it was Joe's Confirmation party too.).
A lot of people came, most of our extended family did! 2 of my dad's sister's family's, my mom's sister's family and my mom's brother. Also, My dad's parents. :-) :-) :-)
Church people and other friends came too. The Schreiber family, Mrs. and Rachel Engebretson, The Johnson family, the Frantz family, Mr. and Mrs. Golding, And the Branson family.
I hope I spelled all those names right.

the party was on the 14th.
All the relatives left on the 15th right after church. :( most of them, wait, no, All of them came on the 12th.

Here are some pictures!!!

Okay, I have to stop typing now, because I really need to go to sleep. :)
Happy Birthday to Sam! He's 9 now. XD

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