Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Okay, today and yesterday Joe, Matt, Sam and I have been playing baseball almost all day long! It's pretty fun except that I'm horrid at it.

Okay, the reason for bringing that up is because of this:

Joe was pitcher, Matt was Batter, Sam was out fielder and I was Umpire.
Joe threw the ball, Mat swung and HIT! :O (yeah, not the unlikely. Matt's pretty good.) He ran all the way to second, but then Joe ran right in front of him, so he turned around and ran backwards onto the Hill( which we weren't playing on). Joe chased him all the way. There was a lot of zig zagging. Finally, Matt got to 3rd and then Home. :)
BUT, no one noticed this at all in the chase, Joe was wearing pants that were definitely too big(see where this is going?)! And ended up having his pants fall.

Aw man, I cracked up so much! I am the meanest sister I know.

December 2007

Things and Stuff

We're FINALLY getting siding on the house!!! YAY! I've been waiting for this siding for at least a year. That's how long Mom and Dad have been talking about it.

Also we're getting a new dishwasher. mom says that it's going to be better than the old one.

Ugh! It's really frustrating to write when your four year old brother is singing "NOW NO ONE'S ALLOWED TO BE A BUTT" (I know that was rude) So I'm not going to try anymore.

wow! I can't believe we had the siding done last December! It's finished now. And we painted the rest of the house blue. It had been blue and yellow. But I'm happy it's all done. :)
yeah, That thing Seth had said? Well, I know he still says it. But if Mom hears him....well, the soap will come out.

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