Monday, September 15, 2008

September? Already?

Yes, I know, I haven't posted at all this month except once. But, it was only because of my noninterestingness. :)
And today isn't even very interesting, anyway, but I felt like I shouldn't abandon my blog so much. :(

Last year after Rachel, Sarah, 2 members from our church, Dad and I came back from the HT conference For You, My Dad had Rachel, Sarah and I tell the church members, at a pot(luck)blessing of some sort, all about the conference. I hate talking when people can hear me(except at home), so I was freaked out and all that. Rachel, at that time, went to community college and worked at the library, so, she was off the hook and didn't have to come talk about it D-:
I didn't like it at all. I don't know about Sarah, because she seemed fine, and talkative, and bright as usual, but I was horribly nervous about it!
Well, I ended up saying almost nothing, but dad talks so much that it didn't really see to matter much. Oh, yes, we did this at both churches. It was less scary at Peace, than at Our Redeemer.

Anyway, a few weeks/days ago he had Rachel, Sarah, and I do the same thing, But this time Rachel was there. Still, though. I really didn't say a lot, except about all the free time things we did. Rachel and Sarah talked about the sectionals, In Depths and worship services. I wish Dad didn't want us to talk about it after! I hope he doesn't ask us to next year, HEY! Dad didn't joke and say I liked any cute boy or anything! even though Miss Judy brought up the subject of cute boys! Wow. Shocker. But he DID say this: "Last year 2 of our church members went with my daughters, but this year only 2 of my daughters could come." :) Um, because I had thought Rachel, Sarah and I all came, but I guess I was wrong!
Did I mention Sarah loves Trumpets? Well, she really does.

Oh, We stood up at Our Redeemer and talked today I meant. :) . It really wasn't so scary.

Leah is getting WAY better at counting, Seth is such a genius, and Jamsie is READING! sort of... He thinks you pronounce Joe "Joey", which is very cute. :)

And apparently, I'm going to sort of rule Antarctica? What did I get myself into.

November 2007


Thanksgiving was great! We made five pies, maybe that's not a lot to some people but it was a lot to me, and they were so yummy! I love pie so much that I'm having it for my birthday next year ^_^

Our Uncle was supposed to come today, you know the one who asked his girlfriend to marry him, but sadly he didn't. I think Mom's upset about it :(

If anyone wants to really know me than you should read Absolutely Normal Chaos by Sharon Creech. It's my life in a book but I'm not as boy crazy. Well I'm not as boy crazy....At least I hope I'm not.

Okay enough about that, it's probably getting annoying....Okay so at our feast today I started getting myself some green bean casserole because I though "Oh I love this stuff!" but when I put one bite into my mouth I practically vomited on my plate! Okay, not really. 'course no one noticed this because Mom was either telling James to stop throwing food of telling Joe to stop punching Sam in the face!

Okay that's enough of this. I need to sleep now.

Oh and I've decided to not delete this blog yet.

Heh, I didn't have pie for my birthday this year like I said, because I forgot! I would have had lemon meringue! It just tastes so Yummy! But almost no one likes it, so I would have chocolate too. :)
Now, I actually DO like green bean casserole! we had it with dinner last night.
And I'm not sure, but I'm guessing Joe didn't actually punch Sam at Thanksgiving dinner, I would remember if he did. xD


Maggie said...

You said Thanksgiving was great this year? I'm confused. It is in November

Rebekah said...

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie...
The colored part of my posts are from my old blog. From One Year Ago. :)
LAST year Thanksgiving was great!

Ninja Master Nick-Ig said...

Maggie I realized that in like two seconds