Friday, September 19, 2008

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Okay, I must admit, having more than one blog follower makes me happy. =D

Joe, Sarah, Dad, Matt, and Sam played baseball yet again today. But the rule has to be that if anyone gets hurt we have to stop. :(
But today 3 people got hurt. Sarah, Me and Matt. We stopped playing when Matt skinned his knee.

Mom gave me extra history to read this year. Man, History falls out of my head much too quickly! But I guess that if I write papers on it it wont leave my brain. :)
Seriously, though, Grammar and Composition isn't bad at all! it almost never feels like school! Though, I'm not that great at it.
Now I just need to learn how to type the correct way. Correct meaning with more than 6 fingers...

December 2007

Siding, Dishwasher and Craziness

It's a bit difficult to do anything right now with the siding guys working outside all the time. They work from 8am--3pm.I mean I am glad that they are putting siding up because I've wanted siding for a long time but I can't think with all the hammers and chainsaws (Okay..there really aren't any chainsaws. but they do have electric saw thingies.)!

The dishwasher was put in on Tuesday morning. It is so pretty!!!I love it! It's white and blue just like are washing machine! Our other dishwasher was black and yellowish. it was so ugly but it worked so we didn't get a new one until four years later when it broke. ^_^

The whole family is going to church on Saturday because the children in the congregation are going to be decorating the tree and practice for the Christmas play. After the tree decorating my family and I will be going to a member's house for a visit. Joe, Matt and Sam's best friend is in this family. I'm exited about it.

Seth, James and Leah have a cold and they feel really bad. Seth has a really bad cough. And I mean really bad cough. I feel really bad for him :( It's so sad when a little cute child is sick. :( It just makes you soooo sad!!!!!

Anyway......Jimmy just woke up so I need to go help him get his breakfast.

I don't really have any comment for this old post, and I seriously need to be helping with the baths and showers of the little ones since it's Saturday! =D

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