Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Last Weekend

WELL! Mom showed me why blogger was annoying!!! I was on Edit Html... It was ALL MY FAULT. So, Yeah. :)
I hope, if you use google reader, that you didn't read my other post I deleted. x-) And now I'm posting it all over again.
Anyway here it is again, w/ the pic and italics and green words and all that. :)
Oh yeah, and this post was ACTUALLY made on Sunday, but blogger wouldn't work, so I didn't post it till now. :P

A few things happened.
Our grandparents, on my dad's side, arrived here on Thursday as well as Rachel on Friday afternoon. Rachel came because grandparents were here, and Grandparents came on their way back from Florida. :)
Grandma and Grandpa left from church yesterday.

Something else:
Sarah and I went with some friends from church to their Halloween/Fun Festival.
I really don't like Halloween (except for the candy part), so I wasn't really looking forward to going to this fun fest, and I told Sarah so. But when we got there, I had to eat my words, because it was pretty fun. :)
There were rides, and we rode them. Though, I do have a week stomach, and both the rides were the kind that go around in circles...
Inside the building there was a bounce castle, and a bounce obstacle course.
Those were fun. Really fun. :D
They're SO not only for little kids...>_>

The fun Fest was Friday night. But The Whirly Gig Festival was Saturday morning...
Anyway at the WG fest Joe, Matt and I handed out bags with information on the church in Wilson. We decided we should put candy in the bags...I mean, candy is good right?
Anyway, then we went and bought Pop, something I can't remember, and Funnel Cake. I LOVE FUNNEL CAKE! :) It's so Good!!! And when we came back from eating that Grandma and Dad were backs, so we walked around and then left. :)

When we came home I took a nap. Isn't that interesting? =D

January 2008


I like Red and Light blue and I like light green, dark black (even though that's not a color. It really just means black.)
and finally the color orange.

My 4 year old brother Seth told me to write all that about him.

Okay, Yesterday we got a printer,scanner, copier. It isn't really working very well with the computer but Mom is trying to fix it and My baby brother Jimmy will probably brake it.

here is a picture of my 6 year old little sister Leah. Isn't she pretty? Yes she is ^_^ We have that picture set as our desktop background.

Well I should go help with lunch.

Oh yeah, I remember that...That was when Seth had a blog that I wrote for him! =D I wonder if it's still around...Hmmm...

Oh, anyway, this is the last post I made on my old blog. Yay! I don't have to put it's posts up anymore! =D
Man, I didn't realize how short it was till now... Ah well.

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