Saturday, April 26, 2008

More Birthday Randomness

Well, as you know my birthday was the 20th but I was sick that day so I had my birthday celebration on the 23rd. I wanted to write more about all the stuff I got... so.. yeah.
I'm really really really happy about what presents my family gave me.
My Dad's Mother gave me the 2 Harry Potter dvds, The Sorcerers Stone and The Chamber of Secrets. Um...Oh yes! I remember! Mom gave me The last Harry Potter book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was my favorite gift!!! I'm STILL excited about it!!!! :D Oh yes, Then I got a sketch book, 3 cds, hair clips and other stuff.
Oh, I 'forgot' to open my mystery cans...;) I'm still scared.
The 3 cds I got were Boys Like Girls-Boys Like Girls (From my parents. it's not gay!) Carrie Underwood-Carnival Ride (From my dad's sister) and Rascal Flatts-Rascal Flatts (also from my parents).

So, I had a pretty great birthday this year. :)

OH, I got $65!!!!!!!!!!! Uh......I guess that was something I could have kept to myself. :P

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