Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rachel + Paul, Doctors and more random stuff

Well, The other day I found out that two people I know FINALLY are 'together' if you know what I mean ;) I'm real happy about it!!! :D I actually screamed when I first heard about it! They totally should have gotten together WAY earlier!!! They're so cute! Well, at least in this picture!!! <3

Well, I went to the Dr today. I don't like the doctor.....Nope. I don't like it. But when I got home 5 minutes ago I signed into my Gmail and started listening to Everything by Michael Buble.
It's a pretty awesome song, but that's the only song by him I like. The lady doctor I saw today gave us a talk about drugs and all that stuff. It kinda annoys me when they do that because I know all that stuff isn't cool already! But I guess some idiots don't. I'm hungry. I'm going to eat my lunch. Yes. That is a good plan.

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