Monday, April 28, 2008

Random Awesome-ish Stuff

This is going to be an awesome post!
Rachel just told me something that happened at her school. It was awesome-ish...
A college boy asked her to marry him! She said no of course, but it's still awesome-ish! Also it was all a joke. :( Ah well.

Now for something completely different!
My dad's parents came to see us today! I think they're staying for around 3 days? Yeeeaaah.
Well, we all went to Golden Corral for lunch. I had cake and ice cream. It was awesome!
Uh...well, that's it I guess. Oh yeah, and one of my friends was Confirmed yesterday! yep. That's all.

Oh I should add some more stuff about the proposal! I forgot to say this:
The dude who asked Rachel asked another girl for her class ring to give Rachie!
I just thought I should clarify that he had a ring! LOL


Rachel D said...

Dude, that was like 2 months ago. It's old news. I told you 2 months ago and you forgot or something. Whatevz.

Rebekah said...

doesn't mean I can't talk about it now!