Thursday, August 7, 2008


Well, we didn't go see those friends of ours on Wednesday like I said we were going to... We didn't because Joe had been feeling bad Monday night and then he didn't sleep all that night, so Dad said we should take him to see a doctor, so Mom took him along with me and Leah to our dentist appointment and after that we went over to the doctor and, like we thought, Joe had Appendicitis. Well, when we(officially) found that out it was 11am. He had tests done till around...4 or 5pm then they all thought his appendix ruptured! So they took him right into surgery. Well, it didn't rupture. It was just a giant weird shape. Well, they took it out and he spent the night and came home Wednesday at 5pm. Well, he didn't feel good all yesterday, so we didn't go see our friends. He still feels bad, but his meds are making him feel a little better.

Last night at around 10 Joe sort of woke up after being asleep on the couch and he was shakily pointing to his hand, so Mom asks what's wrong. Joe says "Copy!"
Mom: "A copy? A copy of what?"
Joe: "I just need a copy! F-f-foot!"
Mom: "You need a copy of your foot???"
Joe: "Yes!"
Mom: "You want me to trace around your foot onto paper?"
Joe: "No Mom. You don't understand!"
Me: "Mom I think he's sleeping."
Joe: "Bekah! I'm not sleeping!"
Leah: "Do you want to put your foot on the copier?"
Joe: "No!"
Me: "Mom he's crazy."
Mom walked away and was giggling uncontrollably! :D When she comes back I say to Joe "Joe, Mom looked but she couldn't find one."
Joe: "Aw."

Anyway, the next day I found out Joe was half asleep, but he did remember saying that. He just didn't know what it meant! Rachel says he was high off the meds the doctors gave him. xD


Rachel D said...

You said 'well' a lot in your post.

Rebekah said...

I say 'Well' and write well A Lot. I can't help it.

Rebekah said...

Hey! Only 5 times. x-(

Sarah :D said...
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Ninja Master Nick-Ig said...

I'll be praying for him