Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lolly Pops

November 22, 2007


We just got two new kittens! One is black and one is orange. The Orange one's name is Muffin and the black one was going to be named Ash, but then we found out it is a girl. I have no idea what to name her! Rachel said Burnt Muffin! I loved that name but no one else wanted it except Joe. I also thought Blackberry would be nice, but again no one liked it. Sarah wanted it to be named Ashley but everyone hates that name. It makes me think of Mary Kate and Ashley and I am NOT a fan of them(sorry)!

I have finely started to read the Harry Potter series! I thought I wouldn't like it 'cause it was all in Harry's perspective, but as it turns out I don't think ANYONE couldn't like it! I've just finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix, I went to look for the Half Blood Prince at the library but it had been taken out :(
So I asked the librarian to hold it for me when it comes in. So all I have to do now is wait....I hate waiting.

I found out on Sunday that one of the family's at our church has left forever!!! One of my best friends was in that family! That made me really sad. I hope I get to see them again.

We started school on Tuesday, ( I am home schooled ) I am not loving it. And if I don't finish all my school before dinner than I can't be on the computer,but thanks to having my one room with 9 other siblings in the family I've accomplished my goal!

Also I found out from Joe that we have a wireless router!!! and that after Christmas we are going to be using our wireless network! and since I have my own computer I might be able to have internet access in my room! Even though Joe clams that he is he only one who is getting it. I am not thinking he is telling the truth because I am two years older than him.

Any-who back to the kittens,they are so cute! though I really wouldn't mind having a little dog instead, preferably a Poodle, Poodles are adorable!!! WAY cuter than kittens! But we got those kittens for free from a church member who had like 88 cats! so we where glad to take some off there hands. I think they only have about 60 now so they are making some progress.

If anyone can think of a good name for the black kitten I'd be thankful, I don't want to end up naming it kitten, we've already had that experience with our 7 year old calico.

're going to the library today!
I Love it! because I get to take out like a million books and them read them in 2 weeks.

The boys all keep buying tons of lolly pops and selling them to everyone...They make a pretty good profit too... Probably because I love lolly pops too much xD

Joe went to see the doc yesterday. He said that Joe shouldn't have played Basketball with me because his internal stitches could come undone...Anyway, he's fine now, he just can't do anything too active or bad things will happen. Joe's probably happiest because he doesn't have to do yard work for a few weeks! Lucky Him :P

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