Monday, August 18, 2008

Water Balloons

Aw man! Water balloon baseball is SO WICKED! I haven't played it since....Uh... 1999 at my cousin's Ben, Micheal and Emily's house!!! I was 5.
Mom finally made us all come in because it was time to eat.
We had taco's!

November 2007

True Awesomeness

I have to go to church in the morning at 8:30am but I'm just going to say one thing, and you can probably see what it's going to be about! Tomorrow Mom said Rachel, Sarah and I get to go see it in theaters!!!! I'm REALLY happy about this!!!! Can you tell? Joe is sad about it though because he's not going(he's only 11 years old.) with us. But I don't mind :) The movie is showing at 6:50pm! I can't wait!!!!! But I really have to go to bed now so that I can wake up for church tomorrow.

That was an Awesome awesome day. It was Great. I had so much funnn!!! Next year we wont be able to do that... :( Wait... Rachel wont be at college then because it'll be Summer... So maybe we will!! w00t!
Joe will probably have to come with Sarah and I, though. I liked having it a GIRLS day. But, I can't wait to see The Half Blood Prince anyway. :)


Rachel D said...

I was almost going to yell at you and say that it was 2008 but it was indeed 2009 so yeah!

Rebekah said...

I was right!

Darth Maul said...

The What? in theaters.

Rebekah said...

Yep! Last year we saw it. It was awesomeness.

Magdalena said...

Cool I saw Order of the Phoenix last year to..(I want to see the Half Blood Prince this year to).

Have you seen "Get Smart" Rebekah?