Tuesday, August 12, 2008


November 21, 2007

For You

I feel so sad right now. on Tuesday Rachel,Sarah,and I went to the higher things Conference in NC and it seems like I dreamed it! wow those people were really AWESOME!
I had so much fun, the only thing was I was a little bit sad that there was no pool. but that wasn't so bad because I had so much fun doing everything else! I played laser tag! now that was FUN! but Rachel killed me once. I never came out alive after ANY round, Rachel did once and so did Sarah. but it was still fun. did I say fun! okay 'cause it was FUN.

Wow, that was a whole year away.
So, just because I feel like saying this: The conference this year (Amen) was more fun for me than For You was. :) Even though For You was Fun too (A you can tell) xD

Today after lunch we're all going to go pick blueberries. We've done it every year for only 2 years (I think). It's really fun to pick them, just not so fun to clean and sort them after.

Well, we probably wont get a new microwave, because we are now using our old microwave from when we lived in Illinois! I was 5 years old when we moved away from IL. Ah the memories. :P

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