Saturday, August 16, 2008

Moving In

So, today has been wonderful! rotten tomato juice was all over me and Rachel is moving into her college dorm! Wonderful! x-(

Rachel's packing up all her boxes and loading them into the back of the van today. And then this afternoon we'll all go with her when she moves in. So, I guess it'll be cool.

I had thought we would be leaving this morning, and I was happy because I would have been able to sit in the navigator! But now we leave after lunch. Which means Sarah will be sitting in the Navigator seat.
At least I have my CD player to block out all the loudness in the back seats!!! =D

November 2007

Alot More Randomness

Okay, I've had a pretty good week! And today Sarah found my blog! O.O Okay so it's not really that exiting, But this was supposed to be a secret blog from my family.......I guess I just wanted some privacy.........Is that wrong?

A great show I like has a new season! I'm pretty happy about that, But I'm not getting into that because if Sarah ever reads this she.........Well I have no idea! but she is obsessed with this show (The Office) Just like my brother Samuel is Obsessed with this other show 'Avatar'. I really do like both of those shows allot but I am so not obsessed with them (anymore) :) Oh another show that's new that I love is called CHUCK. I love that show so much and it has only had two episodes! But this is probably getting annoying.

Also I've only read four chapters of Harry Potter and the half blood Prince! and NOTHING has been going on to prevent me from reading more of it! It has to go back to the library on the sixteenth. Am I obsessing? Do I really need help? Maybe I do. else has happened in the past 23 days! I was really hoping to be able to write more, but I guess not :(

So.......have a good week or so! ^_^