Sunday, August 3, 2008


Aw man. I feel like I should post right now, but I have nothing to post about, because nothing is interesting in my life! I read 2 books in the past 3 days. See what I mean? Sarah whent to an Open House at StageStruck. She acted in plays there for a while back in....well, I can't remember what month.... She saw a few of her buddies ;D and it was cool for her I hope.
On Wednesday we'll be going to one of the church member's houses. :) :) :)
It'll be cool.


MNTY said...

what books did you read? i love reading lots of books in no time ^_^

Rebekah said...

Aw man. I can't remember!
Oh yeah, they were called 'Breathe' and...'The Outcasts'.
I can almost never remember names of the books I read :P