Sunday, August 17, 2008

Moving Out

Rachel is leaving for college in a little while...could be as soon as 5 minutes! She got most of her things in the dorm yesterday when we all went to help her. We left yesterday @ 1pm and got home @ 6:30pm. It was sort of boring :P But I guess now we'll know where Rachel is going to be all the time.
The First Drosen-Kid gone. 8 more to go!!!

Sarah starts school tomorrow!!!! And so do we. x-(
She will be gone from 8:30am-2:15pm I think...So, she wont be gone long...It'll just feel like a long time. I DON'T WANNA BE THE OLDEST ONE HOME YET!! :'(
Okay, that was me overreacting. xD
But Still. I'm not sure if I'll like both my older sisters gone everyday. :( Okay okay, Sarah wont be gone all the time, but it'll feel like she is. And I wont be able to talk to her at 11pm anymore because she'll want to sleep so she'll be able to get up in the morning!

Anyways, We went to the Johnsons' house today. They have 4 kids. Katherine and Elizabeth(8) Belle(6) and Sam(10). Everyone mostly hit everyone with pillows, and Sam Johnson kept trying to scare me and make me screem by giving me bugs and putting hermit crabs in my face. x-(
We only stayed an hour. :( But we couldn't stay longer because Rachel had to leave!

Also, Mom said we could play water balloons before Rachel leaves and the kids are all outside right now getting ready. :)
And we have freid chicken for lunch instead of eggs!!!!!!!!!!!! =D =D =D

November 2007

Some Picture

I don't know why I just put this picture here.....I was just bored I think. I made this just now on the computer. Mom saw it and liked it so I decided to put it in here.
Today has been good, Mom went to the post office and Rachel went to school and Dad went to work! Mom, Dad and Rachel being gone meant Sarah was in charge. Sarah and I almost always fight when she is in charge. That isn't good is it? ^_^
Earlier today Leah and I made a yummy snack! It was Peanut butter Chocolate chips with Powdered sugar. I thought it tasted really yummy! I'm not so sure if Leah liked it so much. She did like the Chocolate chips though :)

There was a picture here, but it was dumb, so I didn't put it in. :)

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