Saturday, August 9, 2008

My old blog post :)

November 18, 2007

A Proposal
Today my uncle proposed to his girlfriend(it is her birthday today)! I don't know if she said yes yet, I mean Mom thinks she did 'cause they already bought a house together, but Tammy is well.......actually I never met her!!! The truth is no one in my family has ever met her, and that makes me really upset! if Uncle Dave wants to marry her than we should get to MEET HER! right? Once Mom did talk to her on the phone and she said Tammy sounded nice, but I wont believe it until I meet her.
I still hope Tammy says yes, and if she does well her wedding will be the last in the family until my siblings get married.

My old blog! Yes. I am really copying Sarah So much. But she's nice and isn't yelling at me :D

Tammy said yes by the way, but I still haven't met her! :O They're not married yet either. I found out that they want to get married in a court house with no one else there. D: And Uncle Dave said they probably wont have any kids, because they don't want any!!!! D: Who doesn't want kids????? :'( I like babies. :'(

Rachel and Mom are garage sale-ing this morning, while Dad just left for work.(Did I mention that dad's horn for the new car sounds SOO Girly! xD) So, Sarah and I are in charge! Yippy! And that's why I'm posting today. Because no one is here to kick me off the computer :)

Oh, and Happy LATE 08/08/08 peoples! I forgot that was the date yesterday until like 10pm last night... I haven't known the date since Tuesday! :)

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