Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bunk Beds....

November 23, 2007

The Bunk Beds

So we got bunk beds. finally! I've always wanted some and we finally have them! We got them for Matt and Sam, I'm glad because there are already three boys sleeping in there, and we might get more bunk beds since James is going to be sleeping in there when he turns four.

I can't believe Rachel is going to collage next year! for some reason I guess I thought she would stay here forever! Well I can't wait until I go to collage I can't wait to leave. I know that sounds mean and I know Mom doesn't ever want anyone to leave, but some days I just want to leave and not come back. I mean Seth and Leah screaming at the same time is not music to my ears if you know what I mean.

I just wanted to tell anyone who reads this how you make Peach Ice Tea:

First take your peaches and squeeze them dry into a cup,
then get a chunk of ice and take a hammer and smash it like crazy (don't pay any attention to the shards of ice flying about your head),
then buy some tea bags(unless you have some handy)and put them in the cup of ice and peach juice,
wait 15 minutes and then serve!!!

If you try this please tell me how it goes.

Okay we decided on a name for the black kitten, it is just going to be Ash. Yes we decided not to change it. We kept that name because we had been calling it that for almost a week already.

Okay back to the bunk beds...the second day we had them Joe was sitting on the bottom bunk and the safety bar on the top bunk fell on his knee and he screamed like mad, but he's fine now. apparently he thought he broke his leg, but I don't think anyone believed him.

Also I still don't have that Harry Potter book(The Half Blood Prince),and I'm sick of waiting! Maybe the Library will call tomorrow and say they have it there for me!!! That would make me week!

I don't know what I meant by "That would make me week!"..... Maybe I meant happy..... I don't know how I could confuse those two words, but Oh well. :)


Rachel D said...

Maybe you meant "It would make *MY* week".

I think so.

Ninja Master Nick-Ig said...

there are going to be 5 boys in my room once the new baby is born and maybe 6 if that baby is a boy. we have two bunk beds in one room

Lauriinnc said...

Don't tell anyone Bekah, but sometimes even *I* want to leave. :) I much prefer to hear you and your 2 big sisters singing than the Leah/Seth duet.

Rebekah said...

Nick, you have to share a room with all your brothers??? D: (well, all except Zack) That must be loud. :P

And Mom, I agree.

And Rachel, Yes, I probably meant that.

Ninja Master Nick-Ig said...

yes I do

Darth Maul said...

take a hammer...EKKKK every time I hear that word . or just hear hammer. I always start to have the Dr. Horrible song stuck in my head.

Rebekah said...

Nice xD