Saturday, August 30, 2008


Well, since Rachel is home now for the weekend we wont all see her on Thursday. But Mummy dearest and Jamsie will. :)

means no school. :) It's awesome.

The other day, maybe it was Wednesday, Mom and I were doing Math and dad decided to make Strawberry Daiquiris!!!!! Well, non alcoholic kind or whatever. But it was funny having Daiquiris in the middle of school!!!!!
Anyway, we have SOOO many Daiquiris mixes, so, why not have them at school time! It makes school less boring

November 2007
???? :-P

So I think the family I thought left our church forever might come back for mid-week services this December!!! I am so happy! Anywho......I could be wrong but I'm not wrong often :-P

I also heard Mom talking with Rachel about asking Dad if we could go up to Minnesota this coming January, at least I think it was Minnesota, and I can't stop thinking about it! I really hope I'm not wrong about that.

Joe has a blog now and it's called "The Untitled Blog!" I laughed pretty hard about what it says.

Chuck was awesome tonight (Chuck the TV series), I'm pretty upset about Bryce not being dead. Is that wrong? I hated that Chuck called Sarah and asked her out for real at the same moment that she found out Bryce wasn't dead. :( Rachel thinks he's a clone, Brice I mean, I think he's been brain washed and Joe thinks he's a freak. Not that I don't agree or anything, because I do.


Well, we didn't go there last January like I thought, But people WERE talking about it. But that doesn't even matter since Sola is going to be SO AWESOME!
And yes. The Untitled Blog is still around. We almost never post on it...But on occasion if we feel like it we do. :) If you want to see it it's under "Blogs I Read". :)

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