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November 24, 2007

More Random Things

How can I be so sad but at the same time be so happy? Okay the thing I am happy about is...I FINALLY got my book!!!!(Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince) I'm so happy! I got it yesterday! Rachel came home from work at the local library and set it on the table. I was on the computer at the time, and Mom came in and asked me if I knew that my book was sitting on the table right now. I practically fell out of my chair running so fast! then I saw it and Joe was laughing at me but I can't blame him I probably looked hilarious!

Now for the thing that I am very sad about. Our cat named Bad Kitty died :(
I truly cried that day. This is how it went, I think is was Monday when we found out Bad kitty was sick, I thought Dad wouldn't want to take her to the vet but he did and when Mom was coming home I looked inside the cat carrier and I saw. So I ran in the house and made a face and Dad thought I was making a mad face at him but I wasn't I was just trying not to cry. It was hard because Dad was yelling at me wanting to know why I had just made that face but I couldn't answer because of the giant lump in my throat. Luckily Mom came in and told him why i made that face. I was running to my room when I say Sarah and I knew she didn't know yet and it was just so hard to hold it in because bad Kitty was her baby I couldn't hold it in any lounger and I burst out crying and that's how Sarah found out . I hear from Joe that Mom came in right after I left that room and gave Sarah a hug. but I'm fine now. Sarah though is in mourning for her kitty and she wears black all day and says she needs cookies ^_^

All anyone wants to talk about is Bad kitty! I just want to talk about fun things and not her.

Yeeaah... Bad Kitty. We named her that because she was mean, and we never could find a better name for her!

Yesterday we went to the library. I almost didn't get anything out because I was such a wimp and didn't want to go in the young adult section! Rachel and Sarah went with me :P They weren't such chickens.

Last night Joe wanted to turn the broom into a puppet! So, I drew a face and he taped it on. We drew a chin on a separate piece of paper and taped it to a ruler so we could make him talk. We named him Phil... >_>

Anyways, the reason I've been posting everyday is because I want to finish putting up my old blog. After the old blog is all posted I probably wont post very often. :)

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